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Mary Chapman Underwood

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Fort. Benning, GA

Artistic Inspiration

Elizabeth Olsen, Taylor Alison Swift and my little sister Amelia Joy

Zachary Spafford, Mary Chapman Underwood
Zachary Spafford Mary Chapman Underwood
Caleb Christensen, Mary Chapman Underwood
Film Scenes
Caleb Christensen Mary Chapman Underwood
Tom Riggleman, Mary Chapman Underwood
Film Scenes
Tom Riggleman Mary Chapman Underwood
Charli Bush, Mary Chapman Underwood
Film Scenes
Charli Bush Mary Chapman Underwood
Mary Chapman Underwood, Dylan Knight Weaver
Film Scenes
Mary Chapman Underwood Dylan Knight Weaver

Department Chair: Ralph Zito
Director: Christine Albright-Tufts
Director (Film Scenes): Ricky Pak
Associate Editor (Film Scenes): Logan Becker
Writer (Film Scenes): Teresa Huang
Writer (Select Film Scene): Brandon Richards
Writer (Select Film Scene): Kate Crabtree
Choreographer: Kiira Schmidt-Carper
Performance Coach (Songs): Rufus Bonds
Music Director and Accompanist: Jacob Stebly
Video/Editing: Daylight Blue Media
Audio: Mike Tracey & Jason ONeal
Photography: Matt Rodin
Styling: Greg Dassonville of DassonVogue
Website Design: Joe Tannenbaum
Assistant Producer: Ethan Harpole
Rehearsal Stage Manager: Ellen Kingman
Production Assistant: Alyssa Jaffe
Producers: Ben Holtzman & Sammy Lopez
Special Thanks to the Syracuse Stage Production Department

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