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Rachel Mracna

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Pittsburgh, PA

Artistic Inspiration

Brian Cimmet is sincerely one of the most talented people I have ever met in my life. I've said this since the day I met him and will say it until the day I die.

Rachel Mracna
Rachel Mracna
Rachel Mracna
Songs Dance
Rachel Mracna
Rachel Mracna
Rachel Mracna

Interim Department Chair: Holly Thuma
Director: Katherine McGerr
Music Director: Ross Baum
Choreography: Kiira Carper
Accompaniment: Jacob Stebly
Stage Management: Alana Eden Barker, Abby Boglioli, Andi Voigt, and Kevin Sene
Videography: Daylight Blue Media and Carrington Spires
Editing: Daylight Blue Media
Audio: Mike Tracey
Photography: Amanda Crommett
Styling: Greg Dassonville of DassonVogue
Website Design: Joe Tannenbaum
Assistant Producer: Tori Dedo
Producers: Ben Holtzman & Sammy Lopez
Special Thanks to the Syracuse Stage Production Department

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